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According to happy swim Shanghai, does big summer eat hotpot? You do not have mishear, but this is become season most one of cate of season — section of two big famous hotpot is in Shanghai tomorrow (on July 8) kick off, take money peop上海千花上海后花园le happy? Fu Yang, enter the hotpot after heat namely a上海油压开了没啊ctually. Between a month after coming since beginning of the hottest part of the summer, till the Beginning of Autumn, it is to sample best time of Fu Yang. According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine ” Chun Xia raises in relief, 昆山水磨论坛Qiu 老闵行水磨Dong to raise shade ” traditional, hotpot eats in dog days, have basis of certain preserve one’s health. Chun Xia eats hotpot to raise this world, when in the winter, hands or feet is not easy and frozen. Have inside climate of some people bend over accumulate heat, after edible hotpot soup, dripping wet of systemic kubla khah, but drive walks along the five internal organs to accumulate heat. Eat Fu Yang to want to notice neverthe阿拉爱上海北京会员验证发贴区less, in ” dog days ” each bend over eats to come one jin a jin of half hotpot can, unfavorable excess上海哪家水磨便宜ive. Village travel fat sheep has two kinds of source probably: The half is landed, the half comes fr上海宝山杨行spa足浴om and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, come loose completely put a form to breed Zhuang Hangcao’s goat, the 上海水磨桑拿会所论坛flesh bears fruit character静安区休闲会所哪家好, ancestral butcher craft, what 上海水磨一条龙utmost ground withheld hotpot itself is delicious. To assure the character of village travel fat sheep, all restaurant supply a sheep to want to track entirely trace to the source and undertake putting on record, be about to be fed in the to干磨是什么服务现在wn before volt sheep section how to do to declare and put on record. Section of sheep of current hot season rolled out multinomial and wonderful activity, in the village travel cate square is held on July 8 afternoon 2017 close child big PK of originality beautiful hutch; On July 15 – on July 23, through spending meter of Zhuang Hangguan date of public of square small letter informs place of conceal of user activity red bag, let a tourist go each farmhouse Le Xin searchs appoint setting, get red package. Have Zhuang Hang representative龙凤上海推油 peasant fami上海后花园论坛419ly most happy string together a circuitr闵行佳丽国际洗浴桑拿y (the brigade of ovine footmark) , use AR solid Jing Gong to wrap an activity to lead a visitor ” swim ” Home Zhuang Hangnong is happy. Still will hold in addition ” blessing sheep ” a good deal of meeting, yang Wen of the bend over on the line turns intellectual event, hold the hand-woven cloth that gives priority to a problem with disease of silent of sea of Ci of care A Er to stick the commonweal activity that picture, walk with上海会所微信号 上海娱乐会所美女服务 vigorous strides walks. Time: On July 8, will drive oneself on August 18: 1. (Pu Xi) S4 — G1501 (highway exports Pu Wei) — N上海虹口spaa Zhuang road —   of travel of beautif上海之夜夜总会荤场ul Mi Zhuang 2. (Pudong) aid Yang Lu — Pu Xing highway — south act according to highway — Na Ting highway — Zhuang Liang road —   of travel of beautiful Mi Zhuang 3. (Pudong) aid Yang Lu — Pu Xing highway — smooth village highway — Zhuang Liang road — travel of beautiful Mi Zhuang is public transportation: 1. Village Shen line (subway of the s上海419论坛上不去了吗quare austral Shen夜上海论坛怎么样 village stands — section of cauliflower of the Zhuang Hang that spend rice advocate assembly room)     2. Na Mei line (subway of Eden of bright and beautiful river stands) or line of the high speed austral the special railway line austral Shen, Shen (the square austral Shen village subway) to south bridge station. ① turns south golde上海信息区会所kb是什么服务项目n line goes to the village, turn again Zhuang Hang 2 lines; Station of the bridge austral ② is gone to east to 100 turn by the way Feng Xian 26 (Yuan Nazhuang line)     3. Riverside guards a line (Pudong pond bridge — Zhuang Hang — golden hill) to Zhuang Hang, turn Zhuang Hang 2 lines   2017 Zhang Ze hotpot section

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    Entrance exposition enters the 5th day, a huge sum imports commodity to purchase order to appear again and again. Many abroad businessmen had begun to search platform, after exhibiting meeting end, continue to extend oneself product in Shanghai. Area of rainbow bridge business affairs already ready-made, purchase the way such as the group through making facilities of the storage that keep tax, connection, receive overseas goo鍢夊畾缇庤豹涓借嚧spa灏忓ds be born, make 6+365 platform涓婃捣鍗楃編姘寸枟澶氬皯閽? carry on those w绂忓窞閲戝北鍝噷鏈夋鎷挎荡ho import exposition spill over effect. The 2018 China Interna鑾炲紡iso姘寸(妗戞嬁浼戦棽浼氭墍tional that hold this morning cross condition cable business to develop height forum to go up, area of rainbow bridge business affairs wait fo涓婃捣娌瑰帇搴椾粈涔堟椂鍊欏紑闂?r electric business platform to Alibaba, Yamaxun, recommended the newest storehouse that keep tax, the division of rainbow bridge business涓婃捣鑽ゆ鎷胯 affairs that enabled a few days ago is public model the storehouse that keep tax. Area of rainbow bridge business affairs is in charge of appoint Zhu Ying China expresses deputy director general of department of development of涓婃捣闂佃姘寸(瀵荤敻閲戝北姘寸枟浠€涔堜环浣嶄綋楠?Wu of hold a conference or consultation, wil涓婃捣鍢夊畾鍠滄潵鐧婚搨spal change thro涓婃捣娌瑰帇搴?018瀹濆北ugh brand-new digitlization, intelligence,骞茬(鍜屾按纾ㄥ尯鍒?the mode of the storage management that advantage is changed and intensive turns imports what the闃挎媺鐖变笂娴穎l鍏朵粬 travelling merchant of each country of each big traveling trader of exposition provides one continuous line to declare at customs to attend 涓婃捣鍢夊畾鎬庝箞鎵惧ぇ淇濆仴storage serves and supply chain solution, help they are榫欏嚖璁哄潧妗戞嬁璁哄潧澶滅敓娲?涓婃捣鎸夋懇璁哄潧 涓婃捣鍗楃編姘寸枟涓夋ゼbeing conne涓婃捣甯傞椀琛屽尯姘寸(浼氭墍cted close good service is made on efficiency and operatio闂佃鍗楃編姘寸枟鏈夊叏濂楀悧n efficiency. To recommend import goods to d涓婃捣姘寸(濞变箰浼氭墍鍦板潃omestic supplier better, cross association of trade of estate of condition phone trading company, also hold water today, international and home cross company涓婃捣浼氭墍澶栧崠宸ヤ綔瀹?o涓婃捣娴︿笢娲楁荡鎸夋懇鍏ㄥf condition cable business, guild, can exchange information on this platform, search business chance.

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