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Origin: New civilian net edits: Learn on job edits Zhou Huijie 2016-11-01 07:24 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: The plan says: The copper yesterday plain region market busies one piece, many businessmen finish finishing stroke business ground of be reluctant to part with leaves ability. Picture origin:   of   of news morning paper [new civilian net dispatch] the copp肠道水疗上海哪里有er that having 20 old histories market of plain road aquatic product yesterday 24 when formal respond to a curtain call. Through the preparation of a few months, many shop had been taken away in succession, yesterday afternoon, stand fast the business of the last moment door also begin to withdraw. The reporter walks into the aquatic product market with central the biggest in former days the city zone again, witness the last moment before it is shut. Car of remove furniture of cupreous plain road is never-ending   the copper yesterday plain road, a few more crowded than wanti上海喜来登spa价目表ng at ordinary times, wagon flow travel is slow. Surroun黄浦区水磨休闲会所d outside aquatic product market had green purse net, build an enclosing wall, there still is deserted material outside the wall, make plain road compares the copper of two driveway before some narrower, and a remove furniture Che Gengtian. Walk into market of cupreous plain region, major business shop has been shut, there often are all sorts of cars inside not wide corridor: Small freight car, tricycle, electric car… there is business door on the car people ” utensils ” . Ms. Zhu is awaiting remove furn上海水磨会所全套2017iture car,松江spa会所 she plans to withdraw before the dusk, leave the copper that managed 9 years plain road. “We move market of river poplar aquatic product, not far from here, those who move far is early had exposed his body, we calculate last batches. ” the business that   sells crab ceremony box to maintain final   to run the last day door not much, those who stand by two of market doorway to sell is a crab. The old Li Zheng that comes from Jiangsu is in ” tear open a crock ” , the daughter sits on small stool to peddle finally of a few string bag too lake crab: “Does otherwise want? The 上海虹桥 桑拿 全套last day, petty gain sold. ” nearby, another crab is wholesale travel first floor al闵行KTV荤场ready vacaition, female merchant sits before a piece of teapoy outside inn alone, there is box of two crab ceremonies on the desk. She tells a reporter, although be the last day, but still can the client comes, sell sell the box that has packed to install a crab to also be hold to the last moment. After market of aquatic product of c男士spa上海虹口upreous plain road is shut, is the citizen buys aquatic product where optimal place to go? The reporter is integrated yesterday the information of market of each old aquatic product shows, “Cupreous plain road ” 9 become business door c上海水磨是什么意思啊hange to come Jiang Yang market and Jiang Yang market, together with is former actual strength 上海三通水磨会所the center of Oriental international aquatic product with abundant, huge operation, the heavy head that this city aqu上海松江区kb 上海闵行吴泾kb新店atic product supplies will move to northeast horn, because present market is,approve 0 hold battalion concurrently, the citizen will buy aquatic product henceforth, no matter be crayfish, crab or saury, “Jiang Yang ” , ” Jiang Yang ” , ” Oriental international ” 3 big markets will be a quantity most, variety is the richest, the p闵行莘庄sparice is probable also it is the cheapest market. New site ” Jiang Yang river is in relief ” it is nei上海后花园论坛ghbour   copper on Shanghai of market of plain road aquatic product long negative great reputation, reckon this market embraces some inside course of 松江九亭桑拿study business door has many 3000, also be this city who上海桑拿按摩lesale water crop is the bi上海后花园桑拿论坛ggest, everyday consumer is bought most centralized market. After know tears open the message of change, trader of market of cupreous plain region door in succession ” remarry ” , look fo上海顶级桑拿按摩会所r a place to make one’s home afresh settle. “Where does business door look for to make one’s home, it is the thing of themselves completely, market of region of relevant section, copper plain guides only, never had issued administrative order. ” chief tells a reporter related market of cupreous plain region. But most business door c上海后花园论坛首页hose Jiang Yang market and Jiang Yang market finally. The staff member of this two big markets tells a reporter, predict 9 into ” cupreous 松江大学城最近桑拿会所plain road ” business上海后花园交友论坛 door change comes them there, many copper trader of plain region market door early booked the stall over there them before a few months, begin to remove to be stationed in since yesterday afternoon. The reporter sees in Jiang Yang market, much at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, remove the car estimation of facility for transporting came to many 10. Many business door still be in in the morning ” cupreous plain road ” deal, remove afternoon to Jiang Yang market. Removing ” cupreous plain road ” business door says to the reporter, “Cupreous plain road ” creating wealth all the time, they are hated to part with leave, midday

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    Entrance exposition enters the 5th day, a huge sum imports commodity to purchase order to appear again and again. Many abroad businessmen had begun to search platform, after exhibiting meeting end, continue to extend oneself product in Shanghai. Area of rainbow bridge business affairs already ready-made, purchase the way such as the group through making facilities of the storage that keep tax, connection, receive overseas goo鍢夊畾缇庤豹涓借嚧spa灏忓ds be born, make 6+365 platform涓婃捣鍗楃編姘寸枟澶氬皯閽? carry on those w绂忓窞閲戝北鍝噷鏈夋鎷挎荡ho import exposition spill over effect. The 2018 China Interna鑾炲紡iso姘寸(妗戞嬁浼戦棽浼氭墍tional that hold this morning cross condition cable business to develop height forum to go up, area of rainbow bridge business affairs wait fo涓婃捣娌瑰帇搴椾粈涔堟椂鍊欏紑闂?r electric business platform to Alibaba, Yamaxun, recommended the newest storehouse that keep tax, the division of rainbow bridge business涓婃捣鑽ゆ鎷胯 affairs that enabled a few days ago is public model the storehouse that keep tax. Area of rainbow bridge business affairs is in charge of appoint Zhu Ying China expresses deputy director general of department of development of涓婃捣闂佃姘寸(瀵荤敻閲戝北姘寸枟浠€涔堜环浣嶄綋楠?Wu of hold a conference or consultation, wil涓婃捣鍢夊畾鍠滄潵鐧婚搨spal change thro涓婃捣娌瑰帇搴?018瀹濆北ugh brand-new digitlization, intelligence,骞茬(鍜屾按纾ㄥ尯鍒?the mode of the storage management that advantage is changed and intensive turns imports what the闃挎媺鐖变笂娴穎l鍏朵粬 travelling merchant of each country of each big traveling trader of exposition provides one continuous line to declare at customs to attend 涓婃捣鍢夊畾鎬庝箞鎵惧ぇ淇濆仴storage serves and supply chain solution, help they are榫欏嚖璁哄潧妗戞嬁璁哄潧澶滅敓娲?涓婃捣鎸夋懇璁哄潧 涓婃捣鍗楃編姘寸枟涓夋ゼbeing conne涓婃捣甯傞椀琛屽尯姘寸(浼氭墍cted close good service is made on efficiency and operatio闂佃鍗楃編姘寸枟鏈夊叏濂楀悧n efficiency. To recommend import goods to d涓婃捣姘寸(濞变箰浼氭墍鍦板潃omestic supplier better, cross association of trade of estate of condition phone trading company, also hold water today, international and home cross company涓婃捣浼氭墍澶栧崠宸ヤ綔瀹?o涓婃捣娴︿笢娲楁荡鎸夋懇鍏ㄥf condition cable business, guild, can exchange information on this platform, search business chance.

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