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On January 24, calorific patient of 36 years old Ms. Li, in Ruijin hospital infection left view ward to overshoot unusua上海推油按摩价格表l 3 days when suffer, final the accused knows ” eliminate virus of 上海南美水疗 按摩new-style coronal shape to affect ” ! When leaving 上海静安 家庭spahospital, the sentiment that Ms. Li unpleasant attack by surprise appreciate嘉定新城荤场s, xiang Ruijin affects family doctor to protected personnel to bow 3 deeply. This one act, let attendant cure protect personnel to be touched. This is a flock of wearing segregation is taken, adorn blinkers is mixed defend the medical worker of guaze mask, it is the white garment bodyguard that infection takes view ward. 3 days come, a very short time of Ms. Li and this group of medical personnel gets along, although look not clear their face, who is admitting to give them, but be in most helpless when, it is their accord force and courage, the sort of is supported sb with hand feeling when walking in dark panic, make her lifelong engrave. Infection division leaves view ward is the hospital receives the special ward that treats doubt of virus of new-style coronal shape to be like a patient, basically assume job of relevant medical treatment by infection division. Usually, patient of calorific door emergency call is in after seeing a doctor, if be decided to be doubt to be like a patient by the expert, after the sampling that start sends check flow, en上海水磨会所全套经历ter leave view ward, perfect further examine, treat to disease, wait to detect result. The cure here protects personnel, expose a risk very tall, they are with the patient most ” close ” one of osculatory crowds. Introduce according to affecting division director Xie Qing, this open up infection takes view war上海水磨干磨会所 上海闵行干磨店一览表d time close, task is heavy,上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所 it is bed of move patient, rise high into the air, good to do alexipharmic preventive measure, setting is special passageway… normally an instruction comes down, a few hours are fulfilled entirely n2018年 上海油压店ecessarily reach the designated position. What make a person touch most is the determination that cure protects personnel solidarity 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛be of one mind, mission to be amounted to surely and belief. When the hospital doctor of need infection family supports calorific emergency call when the job, 5 doctors such as Zhou Huijuan instantly come out boldly, breathe family doctor one case with 5, develop the first defense line of patient of past make a diagnosis and give treatment. Some demur in them did not say to cancel the plan of family go on a journey, some is to just was worth emergency call evening s太原桑拿会所体验hift to be thrown in calorific emergency call again, do not consider on the reunion meal with family, be without complaint to throw the job. Sister Qian Zhuping says, lunar New Year’s Eve tightens snake to move a nurse to assist, light a lot o嘉定spa会所体验f years at that time nurse did not tell family truth, they are to want to let family can sleep smooth an上海水磨的场子d steadily in lunar New Year’s Eve; But face the task, hesitate without the person and shrink back. Because have the demand that disinfects segregation, since that day, everybody did not come home, be in however appoint a place to rest, continue to work next. Because Dai Kou is overspread and defend for long,take, girls are beautiful before beautiful face is swollen rise; Put on defend even body take, be waited for in ward even if cannot come out a long time, because wear inconvenience,the half is, other in part is to save the garment that join system; For inside and outside connection goes to the lavatory, they are initiative still bought interphone… look be like delic上海干磨398ate and effeminat徐汇区男子spa会所e they, be full of however ” come out boldly ” heroism and determined. 18 years old of 2 is Zhou Huijuan’s daughter birthday at the beginning of good year, she what cannot return the home can serve the blessing of birthday to the daughter with the mobile phone only. Zhou Huijuan says, see authority make concerted effort, each other are encouraged, I also very suffer touch, it is our division, breath division not only, still other division helps our public health worker, the worker worker that includes us is diligent personnel, 上海夜场排名第一security personnel, everybody unity is strength. Regard infection as family doctor, had accepted the training with this specialized respect, should take out oneself professional knowledge more, accomplish best! In addition, 8 Cai Wei, Gong Qiming experts of deputy tall above assumed the consultation of the hospital to work, do not divide day and night, follow along with cry, with masterly professional skill the sieve is checked and judge, cannot leak ” new coronal ” doubt is like a patient. Two experts participated in Xie Qing, Wang Hui the associated superintend and director in city guides, risking cold wintry rain, directive basic level sends the standard of popular examine and flow individually, aggrandizement grooms, participate in together make prevent 3 pieces of networks that control information about and appraisal of an epidemic. Introduce according to affecting Wang Hui of division branch secretary, during the Spring Festival, the patient that because be in a bad way cannot leave hospital,infection division ward still has 85, because transfer temporarily,the doctor gives out heat emergency call and leave view ward, decide formerly be on duty the watch threw into confusion completely, according to the circumstance occasionally one day should change for many times, bring about late night ability to inform the doctor discharges class circumstance the following day temporarily. But everybody cooperates actively, obedient arrangement, ensure ward medical treatment is safe, let a battle be at ease in the doctor of forefront patient of cure new coronal. “Armour of SARS, serious illness flows, virus of avian flu, new coronal… when every time contagion erupts, infection division is as fellow as the hospital from beginning to end people fight bravely together in forefront, this is Ruijin person of there is no shirking the responsibility take on, we are sure hammer and tongs, not disgrace mission! ” Xie Qing says.

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