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Let safety become the reason Shanghai that c上海普陀干磨店一览表hooses Shanghai: “Wisdom public security ” make a city safer, make the life better ” I come off work to be after before dawn everyday, but go in street to never had worried about safe problem! ” the bar manager Emma that comes from Sweden had lived 9 years in Shanghai, she says frankly to operator, shanghai feels with strong safety to the person. Shanghai, of a 31 million population exceed big city. Safe, it is the bottom line that the city runs, also be the ground that countless people choose it. Recently, the company released tripartite at 0 o’clock investigation data: Feeling of Shanghai public safety, satisfaction spends integrated evaluation index to be achieved respectively 86.23 with 86.46, all achieve the history new tall. Safe and orderly, how to make a vainglorious title of this city? 2019, mechanism of Shanghai public security closely around ” the the the most orderly, safest, cleanest ” the city administers a target, advance construction of wisdom public security in the round, change through promoting public security working science ceaselessly, change subtly, intelligence changes a standard, drive a society to administer system and processing capability modernization, strong promoted the high quality development with metropolitan internationalization of this Shanghai socialism, created high quality life to experience for people, let everybody can experience the happiness of urban temperature, life. Homicide case, grab the case is complete虹口区一米阳光spaly broken, larcenous case drops considerably essence of life allows blow to be on guard crime, ban evil Yu Chumeng, except evil at be being sent namely ” so small long table was defeated, feel those who warm to warm in the heart! ” on November 2, citizen storage battery of motor-car of Mr Chen report by pilfer. After 3 days, he receives policeman of dragon China police station to make a telephone call: Law case was defeated! Mr Chen feels very open-eyed, oneself did not call the police at all, how does the policeman hold guilty suspect? Open-eyed backside, supporting the power of science and technology and data! The intelligent facility that cloth establishs in face of community, street, Lou Yu feels posture of security of society in real time ” a sign of disturbance or trouble ” , through ” public security cerebra ” intelligent operation, the data immediateness of depict illegal criminality is pushed send to a gleam of to execute the law the intelligence in policeman hand alarm Wu terminal, promoted public security to execute the law considerably do case efficiency. Although Mr Chen did not report a case to the security authorities, but the every act of guilty suspect is mastered by the policeman already. Not only this case is accused broken, the data with powerful profit from is propped up, the criminal is in Shanghai all committing the crime the record can be strung together and associated. “Shanghai has realized homicide case for years continuously, grab the case is entire the broken, case that has great society effect is sent namely defeat namely. ” Wang An of deputy director general of department of director of punishment detect total group tells Shanghai public security bureau the reporter, current, how does the 9000 more than intelligence that whole town already built prevent a village, came true to wait for what can defend sexual case into room theft ” 0 hair case ” , “When can prevent sexual case amount to be compressed after reasonable interval, public security mechanism can burgalry, cheat case regard as homicide case is broken, thereby to ‘ pilfer case is defeated surely, cheat case defeat surely ‘ the target marchs. ” ” the person comes I know, commit the crime to know namely, did not commit the crime even I know. ” Wang An tells a reporter, rely on ” wisdom public security ” ode can, mechanism of Shanghai public security built of all kinds actual combat to use a model, realized essence of life to allow blow to be on guard guilty target, accomplish ban evil Yu Chumeng, except evil at be being sent namely. On August 13, shanghai police is passed ” wisdom public security ” system of actual combat application, discover put-up gang of Feng Mou, Liu Mou, Gu Mou to rob. 3 people decide to be after Shanghai assemble, go to Zhejiang to carry out rob. However, what their absolutely did not think of is, 3 people just went to Shanghai, be seized by police with one action. As we have learned, be in ” wisdom public security ” below the big setting that builds ceaseless development, shanghai security of society lasts to good. 2019, whole town calls the police kind 110, illegal crime case is received number off drop respectively compared to the same period 15.9% , 13.4% , number of criminal case put on record declines compared to the same period 35.7% , number of crack a criminal case increases compared to the same period 16.4% ; Pick a pocket carries bag, pilfer ” 3 cars ” the case drops compared to the same period 57.5% , 60.8% ; Into room, into civilian steal a case to drop substantially compared to the same period curtilage 57.1% , 56.3% , rate of crack a criminal case all exceeds 66% , achieve the telegraphic 上海哪个桑拿会那事network bilk that best level; sends the history high continuously to appear ” inflection point ” , number of put on record declines 28.9% . Person car is more orderly, safety has safeguard intelligence perception, society to cooperate with more, “Embroider ” give urban government to change brand instantaneous subtly highest passenger flow 220 thousand, odd-numbered days passenger flow 2 million, total passenger flow 12 million… 2019 National Day, show of lamplight of the beach outside Shanghai is brushed explode small letter ” the friend is encircled ” , the night scene of time excessive colour attracted global tourist thick as hail, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. Top-ranking city, need top-ranking processing! So much person, how to ensure case of 0 accidents, 0 mobbish, 0 hair, accomplish safe and orderly, no risk at all? “We apply canal of risk of large passenger flow to control a system, a hour forecasts every other next time paragraph person discharge, specific aim ground enacts measure. ” wave of bang of上海桑拿按摩服 police inspector of public security of cent outside beach tells Huang Pu of Shanghai public security bureau the reporter, the data that the system can gather together according to the system such as civil aviaton, railroad, hotel, undertake intelligence grinds sentence, clew policeman und上海水磨桑拿会所论坛ertakes billabong guiding, stream of people is again much also won’t block up. Science and technology, make stream of people orderly, also make wagon flow more expedite. “The Shanghai street nowadays, traffic light is only no longer ‘ the lamp ‘ , it can be felt by oneself, collect data, apply ‘ public security cerebra ‘ undertake grinding sentencing, give out s爱上海 上海贵族宝贝爱上海 阿拉的爱上海ignal dominates optimal program. ” total fleet of policeman of Shanghai public security bureau shows about chief, since move ” system of intelligent traffic signal lamp ” since, whole town car embraces an index to drop 15% , average speed promotes 10% . “Wisdom public security ” bring a city to move smooth, safety factor of Shanghai road transportation and general effic上海兼职美女个人服务上门 上海商务模特iency promote apparently. 2019, the number since accident of transportation of whole town road, die number, injury number declines compared to the same period 10.5% , 14.5% , 11.5% , “Gao De ” the countrywide city that report of urban traffic analysis offers embraces a rank to show, shanghai had been walked out of ” the whole nation 10 have a city greatly ” cavalcade. “Wisdom public security ” construction can essence of life allows a canal to accuse as close together as urban safety relevant crucial essential factor, a few safe problems that let make a person cannot be at ease before can be f闵行区spa会所orecasted can be on guard, keep the safe, copy that keeps the people’s livelihood energy of life is fuller. On December 2 afternoon 4 when make, yellow riverside substation police station of district of half Song garden ” how can Huang Puzhi prevent community ” systematic platform occurrence give an alarm: 5 buildings occurrence headroom casts Hua Haoyuan content incident. Video is answered put show, slowly wave those who fall is a piece of scrip only, but the system makes propagandist announce and group work sheet automatically still, house appoint the cadre knocked door of the person that throw thing very quickly to begin conduct propaganda to teach. “Although headroom casts content to monitor systematic application, let look before be like ‘ the job that finishs impossibly ‘ become simple. But light leans public security body a singles is fought alone is no good, must gather together each force, make build in all treat in all share new structure. ” strong point Wang Yi just looked, perceptive equipment is again advanced, also cannot leave street, police station, room appoint the join forces that administers in coordination. Current, mechanism of Shanghai public security is perfecting community policeman to reside leading Party group to knit a vice secretary to work part-time further, drive community policeman from alarm Wu activity executant transforms to restful construction organizer. Policeman of broad basic level is started ceaselessly group prevent group treat force to participate in social processing. They will ” face-to-face ” and ” key is right key ” ” screen is right screen ” be united in wedlock, promotion uses small letter group wait for new way, gathered together 350 thousand can rely on 1.04 million force, enthusiastic masses, compose was built prevent oneself save oneself, each other of each other side is saved, fair aid fair save, ladder second how does the whole people that go forward one by one prevent new pattern. Handle affairs material decreases 52% , examine and approve time to shorten 58% implementation ” one net is connected do ” , like letting masses handle affairs to be bought like the net convenient a few days ago, the reporter notices when police station of riverside of week of substation of Pudong of Shanghai public security bureau is interviewed, the masses in twos and threes that police station window will come to to handle affairs before, fast-moving. “Previously, come everyday the masses that this handles affairs can discharge police station doorway, go up through the net now do, finger tip does, intelligent equipment does, make much masses never leave home to be able to do the thing, the person is so less and less. ” S上海哪个按摩店不太正规hen Hong of week riverside police inspector tells a reporter. In suffer below the guidance that seeks a policeman, the reporter loginned ” Chinese Shanghai ” portal website discovery, can make an appointment on the net, the matter that handles mechanism of public security of all need Shanghai. For instance, open census register proof, the citizen is passed ” online open a proof ” column can click application, attestation of choice conduction place, intelligence identifying, fill in application information complete online application. After waiting for examine and verify to pass, the citizen can be in ” my proof ” the column undertakes downloading printing, true implementation ” 0 run move ” . “Make data much run road, make masses little do legwork. We handle affairs on main enlarge spread cables cover a range, 2018 implementation examines and approve item 71 times to be received entirely ‘ Chinese Shanghai ‘ one net connects the base that runs portal website to go up, accepted 67 services item again 2019. ” public security of wisdom of Shanghai public security bureau does a leader to tell a reporter, they still rise ceaselessly handle affairs on the line ” contain Troy ” , already 72 item realize whole technological process online deal with, the others is offerred 66 times make an appointment on the net, prejudication serves; Accept item of 172 the people’s livelihood ” along with apply ” APP, prevenient travel is pilot on the foundation that rolls out foreword of Xiaocheng of public security small letter, harmonious drive whole town to build ” along with apply ” small order accepts 240 services item, convenient masses ” connect on the palm do ” . Shanghai public security asks those who raise urban government to change a level to regard the significant move that prompts high quality development, innovation as high quality life subtly necessarily, with the attentive, patience like embroider and outstanding heart, optimize public security to serve administrative job continuously, let masses hard ” never leave home can handle affairs, run the road is most ” , make this Shanghai internationalization metropolitan have temperature, richer charm more, have appeal more. The reporter understands, handle affairs for convenient masses, mechanism of Shanghai public security can reduce material proof decrease, examine and approve attributive to should be put put, examine and approve item to deal with time limit to decrease on average 58% , handle affairs material decreases on average 52% , 96 item whole town is connected do; Big thrust serves into government affairs of long triangle public security ” macrocosm is connected do ” , 48 item are dealt with with the standard, 9 implementation ” one net is connected do ” . In addition, still be in whole town collect of 220 police上海水磨和南京洗浴 station building runs registered permanent residence, handle a driver’s license, do a passport at an organic whole ” integrated window ” , true implementation lets masses ” do not search alarm kind, not divisional region, do, whole town is connected do ” . Growing police station of new short for the Jinghe River of peaceful substation north, the reporter discovers the masses that comes round to report a case to the security authorities besides two, other handle affairs masses is done not have. “We pilot advance public security integrated window is garrisoned governmental community service center, when convenient masses is conducting the common business such as social security card, ‘ one-stop ‘ the public security administration such as condition of conduction census register, discrepancy, t上海哪里按摩会所全套raffic serves kind of business. ” king of police inspector of boreal new short for the Jinghe River arranges bright introduction. Person of outstanding ability of wide accept the world, service company development makes environment of top-ranking battalion business, competition ability of promotion city core ” Shanghai is building the family that has global force to start a center, it is global skilled personnel’s yearning hot earth, discrepancy border policy lets a person experience the esteem to the talent. ” Wu Junjie of IT company controller is in Singapore book this year Shanghai was gotten ” Chinese green card “—The foreigner is permanent and resident Id, excited affection is in overtones. The cosmopolis with the safest whole world will naturally be full of appeal to high-end talent! To serve safeguard national strategy and Shanghai develop overall situation, mechanism of Shanghai public security submits to government of the Ministry of Public Security, Shanghai is signed ” build perfect immigrant and discrepancy condition management to serve a mechanism to drive implementation Shanghai Gao Shuiping opens cooperative memorandum book ” , emigrant management board makes the country come o奉贤大船酒店水疗项目怎么样n stage to be reached in Shanghai surely from trade new 7 immigrant of a foretaste of district start off before the others and discrepancy border policy. Fulfil division of 25 support Shanghai to achieve a center to build measure of discrepancy border policy in the round, accumulative total handles certificate of condition of of all kinds discrepancy 1.35 million more than card second, attract foreign nationality application of talent of high administrative levels is permanent and resident 3000 more than person, house whole nation the first. Work in Shanghai for talent of榆榕庄国际水疗浦东川沙店 farther convenient foreign nationality, city public security bureau is enabled jointly jointly with city committee of science and technology ” foreigner job, resident onefold window ” , pass flow of business of give somebody a new lease on life, will belong to two originally appoint do the window business conformity of the bureau to become ” one window is accepted, one subsequent testimony ” , foreign nationality talent applies for what the job is permitted and permit habitat to examine and approve time limit to be shortened by at least 17 weekday for 7 weekday. Battalion business environment is core competition ability of the city. To build the environment of top-ranking battalion business, enterprise outside drawing within the country to come to Shanghai investment develops, mechanism of Shanghai public security is increased further right of all kinds destroy business of market economy order, enroach on strength of the discovery that the economy of environment of business of battalion of legitimate rights and interests, harm commits a crime, blow, development of implementation Shanghai high quality is offerred stronger prop up. Since 2019, branch of detect of classics of Shanghai public security pulls caustic through hitting crime, make sb disgorge the spoils, redeem pecuniary loss for country and people more than yuan 200. “kb 上海 新完美 普陀上海kb十大Nightly economy ” prosperous degree is economy of a city open degree, the important sign of vivid jerk. For the service, support nightly economy development, mechanism of Shanghai public security i阿拉爱上海aishediss abided by ” protect the people’s livelihood of development of safe, hurried, benefit ” concept, published administration to superintend ” break the law to be in surely ” ” without the thing not faze ” , the large activity that accords with a condition ” one-time license puts on record ” etc promote nightly economy to admit 8 act, in simplify examine and approve, aggrandizement is prevented accuse, promotion safeguard, safeguard the respect such as order, the balance is good ” vigor and order ” relation, aid force to make ” vigor Shanghai, safe Shanghai ” .

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